How to Really Create Your Website Using WordPress



WordPress is a brilliant tool...

We all agree on that. But if you’re not a web designer, it can sometimes be tricky to get your website looking, and working, exactly as you want it to.

How to Really Create Your Website Using WordPress will show you exactly how to set your site up, doing everything you want it to and looking really professional – easily, without you spending hours trying to get it right.

It will include a series of “recipes” you can take and adapt into exactly the kind of website you’re aiming to build, which is designed to save you loads of time and eliminate technical headaches—or you can choose to get creative, and do entirely your own thing.

It will be full of answers and “how-tos,” and the idea is to get you up and running with your WordPress site as quickly and with as little technical head-scratching as possible. And of course making sure the end result looks brilliant.

Hi, I’m Alannah Moore and I’m in the process of writing How to Really Create Your Website Using WordPress.

I’m the author of the print books Create Your Own Website Using WordPress in a Weekend (an Amazon bestseller), The Creative Person’s Website Builder and Create Your Own Online Store in a Weekend (all available on Amazon, B&N etc., and via real world booksellers).

I specialise in helping people with their websites, so I’ve got a pretty good idea what people’s problems tend to be when they’re trying to set up their own websites using WordPress. The new guide is designed to smooth out all these problems and make creating your website with WordPress a breeze!

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